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birthday gift

i gave salome to here 8th birthday "a day with dady". we where hiking to a tower at the top of a black forest montain, named brend. it was raining. but we enjoyed it any way. salome had lots of fun. especially with all the cows, who where very interested in this unafraid girl. and she also had fun playing at the playground of the restaurant "". My strawberry cake was great. the blue danube well is just 100 meters away - also great fun to see and read the story about it. we had a great day - salome was happy, so i was happy (and tired). oh, and we stoped by a very nice american reaturant for dinner.




19.6.07 15:46

6.6.07 15:09

want to go fishing . . .

. . . i can't belive it: i am trying to get to a good fly fishing spot somwhere in this area, but no, they won't give me just a permit to fish, they want me to stay over nights, so they make more money - strange! will keep you posted, if i found a place.

6.6.07 14:51

rob77 new blog

. . . it shell be a blog, and it was . . .


welcome to my blog! you will find all kind of entry's here. from my being, my family, activities, thoughts, facts, other peoples thoughts, . . . and some pictures. if you have a comment please feel free to leave it here, but no adds!!! first entry will be a picture of me, so you can see, how i look (although it changes every year, month, week, day and mostly hour . . .). have fun and cu soon. rob77




5.6.07 14:52

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